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A long term, content led, technical approach to growing your Organic Presence

Whats Different About Our SEO Services

With affordable pricing for clients coupled with our comprehensive approach, we delivery clients with long-term, content-led and technical savvy SEO strategies that ensure you reach your target market with the most relevant, valuable and memorable content that answers there query.
We optimize your site to ensure it appeals to customers and google algorithms from both a technical and on page perspective. Ensuring your Schema has been implemented, content has been optimized in terms of structure, content gaps are being filled and pages speed as well as various other elements that contribute to your website getting the best traffic and rankings possible.

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What are SEO Services?

Increasing the visibility of your website in google and providing your target audience with value through great user experiencevaluable content and using googles ever-evolving search result features to our advantage.
Some typical Search engine optimization services an SEO expert do are:

  • Fixing sitewide errors to ensure Google can crawl your site efficiently
  • Optimizing pages to ensure they’re fast as speed is essential to a great user experience
  • Implement structured data correctly
  • Ensure your website’s architecture is user-friendly and makes logical sense to google’scrawlers
  •  Optimize your local listing and ensure your business is visible in the relevant local directories
  • Find and fill content gaps on your website which may have been easily overlooked
  • Copywriting Skills are still vital as grabbing people attention and holding it has never been harder

SEO services have evolved and broadened rapidly in recent years as Google and Bing look to filter through the noise and provide searchers with the most relevant and valuable content possible. At Root Digital we deploy a comprehensive strategy to ensure clients are meeting there customers with relevant, valuable & optimized content.

Are SEO Services Worth It?


Yes, Search engine optimization has evolved way beyond what traditional SEO experts may have deemed their job description. Onsite SEO, Technical SEO, Semantic SEO and now conversion rate optimization along with web design are the new industry standard or day to day for any would be account manager.

There are no quick fixes in SEO anymore, simply changes titles, descriptions and adding a few keywords related to your content coupled with stuffed H1 and H2 headings doesn’t cut it anymore in googles eyes, especially now since there algorithms have become smarter at answering searchers queries with the most relevant content.

How to Choose SEO Services?


It all begins with a comprehensive SEO Audit from our team, in the Audit we run your website through a number of tests to find any areas where there is an opportunity to optimize and grow your presence, we also search for any underlying issues that may be hindering your search visibility.

  • Firstly we look for technical SEO issues that may be affecting your site such as error pages, site structure, page speed issues etc
  • We then look At you Onsite SEO to see how you structuring your content, opportunities to improve conversion rates and Metadata etc
  • Next, we look at your link profile to see if there are any questionable links pointing to your website, Google looks at spammy links like a bull at a matador. Is there an opportunity to gain links from relevant sites that have been overlooked etc.
  • We review both your content and structured data and compile a list of recommendation and actions.
  • Your local market is key, we ensure you’re optimizing for your locale first before we look at the national & international markets.

Once we understand your website and your overall goal we recommend what services you need in order to achieve your goals. We collect and compile our list of actions and recommendations, the order in which these issues should be addressed and how long this work will take to complete and present this to you.

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