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A long term, content focused, technical approach to increasing your organic rankings and traffic

Grow Your Organic Traffic And Climb The Search Results With RootDigital

RootDigital Is An SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing Agency based in Limerick, Ireland. We are a content-focused SEO agency with a flair for technical SEO and user experience. Helping brands grow their online presence and reach their audience is our goal.
From our inception, Rootdigital has sought to bring high quality, transparent & content focused SEO services to clients across Ireland.

Our Approach is different in that we research, create and optimize your website to resonate with your customers by building long lasting valuable content that both fulfills their needs.

We are a goal driven agency who uses data to establish KPI’s and monitor results and your ROI, reporting clearly and transparently your results is what has separated Root Digital from the pack.

Delivering a long term, sustainable search engine optimisation marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business that grows your organic presences from when you commence working with us is what we deliver to clients.

We aim to drive highly targeted and relevant traffic to our clients’ websites by substantially improving search engine visibility. We then look to increase the number of conversions on those websites, so that this increased traffic leads to more sales and more enquiries.

Our SEO Services

Content Creators

We’re a content first agency, the fundamental reason Google remains the top dog in the browser world is because it is the best at serving individuals with answers aka content relevant to their queries

Technical SEO

More often than not its the unseen things such as crawl errors, sitemaps, website speed duplicate content or no meta are the underlying reasons your website isn’t receiving the traffic it seeks to get

Onpage SEO

Your on page optimisation is crucial to get correct for both the algorithms so it may understand what your page is about and how it should rank it but more importantly creating a great user experience

Site Stucture

Often during the design and development stage of a website, the most important element of a website is overlooked, The website’s structure. Good Structure helps website rank faster, higher and have a better UX

Our SEO Process

It all begins with a comprehensive SEO Audit from our team, in the Audit we run your website through a number of tests to find areas where there is an opportunity to optimize and grow your online presence, we also search for any underlying issues that may be hindering your rankings and search visibility.

  • Firstly, we look for technical SEO issues that may be affecting your site such as error pages, site structure, page speed issues etc
  • We then look At you Onsite SEO to see how you structuring your content, opportunities to improve conversion rates and Metadata and website architecture
  • Next, we look at your link profile to see if there are any questionable links pointing to your website, Google looks at spammy links like a bull at a matador. Is there an opportunity to gain links from relevant sites that have been overlooked etc.
  • We review both your content and schema and compile a list of recommendations and actions.
  • Your local market is key, we ensure you’re optimizing for your locale market first before we look at the national & international markets.

Once we understand your website and your overall goal we recommend what services you need, a timeline and strategy  in order to achieve your goals. From there we take action.

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