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Why An SEO Audit Is Important


An effective SEO audit will uncover the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of a website which enables marketers to understand your standing within the search results. Once this is known only then can an effective strategy be formulated and implemented.
Once the audit is complete a strategy report is created and sent to clients with a list of actions and recommendations which are all aimed at increasing the presence of the website in its search environment.


The SEO Audit Report


The first step to implementing a Digital marketing campaign is to understand how your website is performing and whether or not it is being found by your target market who are conducting their research on the internet.

Unseen technical issues can affect your website and prevent your offering and content from being ranked higher in the search results. The difference between click-through-rates for position 1 and 9 is a drop of 97% (based on December 2017 data), whilst there are other other issues which may be holding your content back fro ranking

Next, we conduct market research to see what your target market is searching for, are you there to provide them with valuable answers and solve their query, often in the design stages of websites, this is overlooked and must be put right should you want to justify the cost of your website. To get the required traffic you will need


Landing page optimization is an area often forgotten once a website is made public and soon becomes an afterthought. Small changes in headings and the structure of content and pages can have a drastic impact on increasing the conversion rates. If your page has vague or poorly put together headings customers may either not understand your offering or simply not resonate with it.

For example, changing a button call to action for “Submit” to “Get Your Quote” saw an increase in conversions of 107% in 1 month for one of our¬†e-commerce¬†clients.

What Is the SEO Audit Format


An SEO audit format will look at (in detail) the following issues that are common with most websites and will follow a structure of highlighting the most important website issues that should be addressed first such as technical SEO problems and page speed optimizations.
These are typically unseen elements which have the biggest impact on website performance and should be addressed immediately followed by broken links, ensuring analytics is implemented correctly, Duplicate content and 404 error pages.


  • Technical issues¬† (off page ranking factors)


  • On page ranking factors


  • User experience


  • Website Speed analysis


  • Website architecture


  • Conversion rate optimization


  • Content opportunities


  • Market research


  • Competitor analysis

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