Pay Per Click (PPC) Digital Marketing

What’s Different About Our PPC Campaigns

We focus on growing your ROI, be it generating leads, increasing your revenue or sending. The bottom line is what matters most and setting and reaching your KPI’s is where our passion lies. Our detailed and honest approach to reporting on the performance of your PPC campaigns means you get detailed monthly reports on what has been happening with your account and what our plans are for you moving forward.

Driving paid traffic to your website is surprisingly simple, we define your target market, what they’re searching for, mix together with our systematic approach to discover what your audiences browsing habits are and we get in front of them with a compelling message, offer and CTA.
What separates us from our competitors is our focus on testing, we go beyond the “Click” and test landing pages to see what converts your audience into leads or customers. We are continually testing, implement and test again until we get the highest possible conversion rate possible. 
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Why Use Pay Per Click, PPC Or Paid Search Campaigns?

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is still the most effective way of reaching your customers online. Due to the nature of people’s browsing habits on both Google and Bing marketers have the ability to bid on keywords related to searches users are making and there are 3.5 Billion searches per day on Google alone.

Platforms such as Google, Bing, and Amazon allows us to set daily budgets, custom bids on individual keywords, A/B test landing pages and AD copy, show our ads only at particular times of day and if you want only bid on your local market.

There are various customizations within the AD’s too, Marketers have never had more control and power to decide how they want to reach their customers & with custom messages. Marketers are able to push App Downloads, get customers to call your business, have specific messages for different demographics, Remarket to past visitors from your website and if you know your target audience specifically, target people based on their agegendermarital statusLocation and more.

What is included in PPC campaign services?

A professional Digital marketing agency offering PPC services will utilize every available feature i.e Conversion tracking, Remarketing, RLSA, Display ads, Gmail ads, A/B testing both landing pages and AD Copy, Bespoke AD copy and every other available feature. We also provide very detailed, honest and easy to understand monthly reports on account performance, actions carried out, plans for the coming month and any new insights. Reporting is crucial to building a strong relationship and its something we take great pride in here at Root Digital.

Why is Pay per click Marketing so powerful?

The primary reason Pay Per Click marketing is still the most powerful way to reach your customers is due to how specific you can target your market with campaigns. Combined with the correct conversion tracking implementation you can begin to narrow down both your target market and AD spend to maximize your ROI. Both Google and Bing continue to add new features every month which allow professional marketers such as ourselves to reach your customers with incredibly customized campaigns.

How Do You Track Pay Per Click Campaigns & Results?

We use a combination of platforms such as Google analytics and Google tag manager to set up tracking on every element that may lead to a conversion or agreed upon KPI. We are able to track people calling your business from your website, emailing you and revenue coming trough particular products when someone takes an action on your website. We then attribute what came through Google Adwords, Bing or Organic search and are able to show you how much exactly that has cost your business and thus your ROI.

How Much Budget Do I Need?

There are various factors to take into consideration when deciding on your PPC budget

  • What can is our marketing budget for 2018 and what can we afford to spend on PPC?
  • What is 1 Lead worth to my business?
  • Is your product or service a seasonal item?
  • Do you have specific items that sell better and have a higher ROI?
  • What other paid platforms, if any, do you plan on using?
  • How competitive is the market we operate in?
  • At what part of the funnel do I want to reach my audience?

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