Google Shopping Campaign Management

What Are Shopping Campaigns?

Upload your inventory details to google and start serving your customers with google shopping ads on the Google Search Network.
We download every detail about your products and upload the information to Google’s Merchant center from where we then create, manage and optimize your Google Shopping ads.

You’ll have noticed Google Shopping ads and how prominent they are in the search results, because of this they are a great way of driving cheaper clicks, awareness, and revenue.  We specialize in creating, managing and optimizing these campaigns to drive ROI, due to the nature of shopping campaigns there is some technical know-how required in terms of both optimizing the “list” and the content on the landing page.

How do I Create Shopping Campaigns?

The steps required to create a shopping campaign include:

  1. Register with Google merchant centre for your account – This is a free and simple step where only your business basic details are required
  2. Create your product data feed and upload this to the Merchant Centre – Some technical know-how will be required here especially for larger e-commerce website’s
  3. Link your Merchant centre with your Google Adwords Account – Simple step, there are various ways users can link to and from AdWords with merchant centre here is how to
  4. Ensure e-commerce tracking is enabled on your Site – We want to be able to attribute revenue to our products as to measure effectiveness and ROI
  5. Create Your Campaigns –  Take the time to structure your campaigns in a logical manner, this makes managing them  easier in the future
  6. Review & Optimize –  what is working? where are we spending money with no ROI? what search terms are we appearing for that are irrelevant? Audiences?

Google shopping campaigns are an incredibly powerful way of reaching your audience on the Google network, take the time to set your campaigns correctly, review their impact and optimize for performance.