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Take a look at the various digital marketing services Rootdigital offer and learn how we can help your company grow its online presence while showing a positive return on your investment.

Our ROI approach to marketing sets us apart from the rest of the pack, Growth and ROI is our grass roots.

PPC Campaign Managment

Gain a competitive advantage over your local and national competitors by positioning yourself ahead of them in the Search results. Both Google and Bing PPC have gotten a bad wrap in recent year as being to expensive, in the hands of a novice this can be the case, however, our vast experience in Creating, Implementation and Optimizing of paid campaigns ensures you get the highest possible return on your investment.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Once we have both on-page and technical audit of your site complete we move forward by fixing existing issues that may be keeping your website from ranking in on high in the search results. Once complete we implement a content strategy to ensure your reaching your target customers with both informational and valuable content their searching for, we ensure your content has been properly optimized to out rank your competitors.

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Social Media Campaign’s

Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, send quality website traffic, generate leads or drive sales, we tailor our social media process to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Context matters in social media advertising, people are browsing their feed catching up with friends or looking to entertain, We present your product or service in to your target audience in a light which won’t be seen a spamming their timeline.

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Google Shopping Campaign’s

The most underated and underutilized of all google services when it comes to reaching your target audience with your products. Google shopping is incredibly powerful and once implemented correctly can generate revenue at a very low cost per acuisition. We specialize in creating, managing and optimizing google shopping campaigns.

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Schema Mark-up Implementation

With the semantic web now in full swing it has never been more important to Mark-up the content on your website. Schema Mark-up is now the primary way of informing google’s crawlers what your website and seperate webpages are about. Google has announced it to be an important ranking factor, every section of your website is unique and requires unique Schema mark-up, we specialize in marking up your content to ensure every piece is visible to Google crawlers.


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Website SEO Audit

Everything begins with a Free SEO audit, from this we learn more about what your website is about, how it is structured, what areas need to be optimized and if there are any technical issues with the website itself which may need to be fixed.

With this data we also put together a report, in the report, you receive suggestions in terms of local and national targetting, content ideas and opportunity’s, suggestions in terms of web page optimizations, GMB optimizations,  and any major technical issues which may be holding your website back.


Our Reports are thorough and concise to provide you with as much actionable value as possible!


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Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting

We also offer strategy sessions both online through video calls an in person. In each strategy session we give advice in terms of national, international, technical and Local SEO, google adwords, content strategy and social media marketing along with how to use video to grow your online presence.

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